The Kansas School of Classical Ballet is committed to providing the finest training available to students interested in the art of ballet. Our goal is to provide a thorough and well-rounded dance education for students of all ages, levels, and degrees of interest - taught by a professional faculty and internationally recognized guest teachers. The school works to instill a long-term value of the art form in each student while emphasizing the study of a diverse, high quality curriculum in a positive, productive and inspirational learning environment.

The mission of Kansas School of Classical Ballet is to provide serious dance training, with an emphasis on classical ballet, in a highly supportive and professional environment. We want to give all of our students the quality education they will need to pursue careers as professional dancers. Whether our students study this art form as a career option or for their personal satisfaction and enjoyment, our school appreciates and respects both purposes and offers a secure and supportive environment for individual development. The foundation for a successful dance education is learning the skills through hard work, repetition and discipline. The Kansas School of Classical Ballet is committed to providing this kind of education for all students enrolled. Through dance, our goal is to instill a sense of self-confidence and to build self-esteem by developing poise and coordination, rhythm, flexibility, and general body toning. At Kansas School of Classical Ballet, we strive daily to create happy, healthy, capable dancers.

For more information visit our website - www.kansasschoolofclassicalballet.com.


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